Create your own
Potent ritual for Embodied Empowerment.

Create your own
Potent ritual for Embodied Empowerment.

What would it mean for your health and well-being to have a simple, wildly efficacious, 2-minutes practice steeped in time-tested, Taoist wisdom to regulate your emotions, cortisol levels and navigate you through today's stressors?

ancient medicine meets modern times

I'm ready!

What would your life look like if you were to live all that you have learned in terms of stress coping strategies? Often this feels impeded due to emotional or hormonal dysregulation, trauma, and our internal expectations based on our past (stories).

You yearn to fully process and ripen. You know you are not broken, there is nothing to 'fix' and you are an element of Oneness and stardust.

What impact could you be making on your life, your community, if you could serve with a full cup, with the capacity that you desire, and show up as YOU?

It's time you finally put the years of self-help education into action.

You don't have to do it alone.

Somatic Self-Acupuncture:

You want a effective, embodied path

a subtle energy technology for leader-healers (you).

“Honestly, Lacey's Sessions changed my relationship with myself forever and enriched my whole dang life."

- sophie

Here's What We Know:

Chronic STRESS keeps you stuck and sick, no matter how much money you make.

When you overcome the blocks within - physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual - you begin to heal.
Inflammation subsides.
Pain vanishes.
Over-worrying-&-thinking takes a hike.

Somatic Self-Acupuncture is a simple, but potent practice

Needle-Free Acupuncture is the most effective and efficient technique for addressing chronic stress, pain, fatigue and anxiety as well as Activating the Leader-Healer within.

I've seen it's what we most desire as individuals and we most need as a species.

Somatic self-Acupuncture is ancient, time-tested medicine.

You can access and move Qi, in fact, it's imperative you do. We are waiting for you to become 'un-stuck' so you can fully bring forth your Soul's Purpose.

In order to LEAD,
you need to HEAL.

A unique 8-week program of group learning and healing to address the underlying roots of chronic stress, fatigue and anxiety - so you can function like the interstellar ecosystem you ARE.





Identifying Fear and the Roots of Stress
Quantum Catalyst: Deepest Fear Reservoir
Identifying Anger, Control and Decision-making
Quantum Catalyst: Tantric Tonglen

program breakdown:



Identify Joy, Optimism and Anxiety
Quantum Catalyst: Ikigai +Yantra
Integrate Nourishment and Worry
Quantum Catalyst: Address Dampness and Nourishment. 



Cutting Away and becoming a Portal
Quantum Catalyst: Grief and Boundaries
Empowered Self-Confidence
Quantum Catalyst: The Enso



Thyroid and Hormonal Balancing
Quantum Catalyst: Haiku
Gratitude and Heart Coherence
Quantum Catalyst: Heart-Brain Axis stimulation






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

construct today's boundaries based on your personal constitution.

Begin the process of re-parenting from stories and beliefs that are not real.

resolve imposter syndrome & self doubt + undergo the INNER ALCHEMICAL MARRIAGE To

Restore the Inner mother & awaken to the collective genius as you illuminate your soul's purpose.

Replace maladaptive habits with a clarifying, tiny ritual.

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You will learn to unravel your limiting beliefs, habits and subconscious programming through somatic practices that you will be able to practice in the moment, to help navigate challenging circumstances and triggers and stay clear, secure, and sovereign.


Potent and powerful, Shadow-Integrating, vibrational, truth-seeking sessions of Somatic Self-Acupuncture
re-patterning to remember and regain Self-Trust.
4 Live Group Sessions.
We'll meet every other week and every meeting is recorded if you can't make it live.

Biofield/subtle BODY

Where your BE-ing-ness merges with the Divine, where you end and 'otherness' begins, where the void speaks through you into your heart - you will learn to listen, tune into, and grok the messages that come to you from Love, so you can bring awareness to your Soul's Purpose.


How it works

The wounds we carry from our thoughts cause suffering. A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's get  you started!

"I feel like my body is healing on such a deep level that it’s also healing my mind and spirit."

This has been the most amazing experience. I’ve gone to her a few times now and I feel like I’m making such progress in my body and healing deep emotional things that were stuck in my body. 

Your Body wants to heal.


"Within two months, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and old triggers did not effect me any more."

I started going to Lacey several months ago to help process grief. Within two months, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and old triggers did not effect me any more. Now, I look forward to our weekly sessions and she works through whatever she notices is going on in my body. She picks up on things I don’t even realize are effecting me, and we work through those things.


"The sessions...became my 'me' time."

Definitely recommend Lacey for needle-free acupuncture. When I started my sessions I had jaw pain due to TMJ it hurt to swallow, talk and eat not to mention some other small issues like pain in my neck or arm. The sessions were so relaxing - they became my "me" time where I relaxed after work. Lacey is a kind and gentle person - I looked forward to her visiting a good friend.

james Mill


"Lacey is such a joy to work with. She is highly intuitive... 

- jenna brooke clark

I always leave our sessions with AHA moments and clearer energy. I'm highly uncomfortable with needles so finding a Needle-less Acupuncturist was exactly what I needed."

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

-Anais nin


Save $800 by enrolling Now!

Payment Plan


Your very own teishin - magic wand

6 payments of $198

One Payment 




1 payment of $1188

best value!

select the plan that works for you:

*If you choose to enroll with an installment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. The installment option is offered as a courtesy. This is NOT a membership that can be cancelled. This is a 4 month commitment to completing your payments.


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What do we DO during a these Group Sessions?

We will journey together to embody Dr. Dupré's signature Somatic Self-Acupuncture™️ practices together for Full Being Transmutation.

During these alchemical sessions, we will delve into many of your collective and personal issues and hidden challenges.  We'll feed the demons and let the skeletons out - and do so via the body/biofield - the mind cannot do justice to what the radical change Alchemy allows.

Your sessions will be incredible time-out-of-time experiences.
I will be facilitating from my heart space and the Void and will be channelling your Higher Self.  These sessions are life altering on a subtle, deep level though the results are often not so subtle!

I'm also a professional 'Hard-Question-Asker'.
What this means for you is, we dive deep down into what is keeping you stuck, sick, in pain and tired.

I'm in !

A deeper dive into somatic
Self-Acupuncture + Alchemical Healing Sessions

The Somatic Self-Acupuncture™️ virtual program offers a powerful experience of energetic re-patterning so you can rediscover & empower your inner healer while receiving this ancient medicinal practice. This hybrid approach of receiving and learning is wholly unique and designed for the modern leader ready to awaken to authentic clarity, confidence and your most magnetic self. 


These sessions are exceptional & transcendent because...

You will access and Embody the 5 phases of alchemical Healing

You'll learn about the 5 Phases of Alchemical Healing:
 Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.
You will be intrinsically connected to the seasonal, cyclical nature of our universe - imperative to healing.

You'll have access to your Portal where you can refer back to the 5 Phases you will move through and somatically connect with during our journey.

Together we will develop your very own tiny ritual: a 2 min/day
Somatic Self-Acupuncture Ritual to conclude your session, aimed directly at your core issues.

learn how to use the Regenerator Teishin.

You will learn how to use the Regenerator Teishin on yourself for continuous, self-empowered healing.  The Regenerator is gentle and effective tools for 'Needle-Free' non-insertion Acupuncture.

A Teishin is a small, therapeutic instrument used to stimulate, on the skin's surface, acupuncture points; they do not penetrate the skin.
These tools can be safely used by you to gain relief from pain, anxiety and promote healing and wellness.

Use of the Teishin is a very subtle form of Acupuncture.

My designs are based on the oldest Acupuncture Needles, this is where the word 'teishin' comes from.

Your investment includes everything you need to Transmute.

These sessions are here not for your Transformation, it's not about being 'better' than you are, but MORE of who you are.
This is about your TRANSMUTATION, the alchemical changes that occur in a brief period of time. 

What would transmutation look like for you? Can you already begin to see who you are? The world is moving too fast and we need your medicine.

Moving from fear to love.
Transmuting is an alchemical process.
You seek to 'Transcend' yourself - but instead you will stepping more deeply and lovingly into who you ARE - and move into your body, into your truth, and begin to shift...transmute.

8 weeks of loving support.

intuitive guidance for your unique constitution

Supportive evolution of you as leader-healer

Follow a proven ancient path

I believe that access to your Divine Navigation System (it's already installed, we just gotta open some internal doors and create some flow in there), an Integrated Shadow, and an Aligned Mind-Body-Soul practice that features your truthful desires and elevates your internal decision about your Value is The Way to facilitate healing as well as embody balance in life, and business.

The most magnetic thing you can do as a leader is to accept and embrace your weirdnesses, inner paradoxes, and imperfections with beaucoup love.

Through Self-Acupuncture, you will begin to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am a Dr. of Chinese Medicine, a licensed Acupuncturist, a Craniosacral Therapist, Alchemical Healer, Silversmith, a Plant and Soil Scientist, Permaculturalist, Mamma, Potter and lover of the Divine Natural World...which includes you. I am here to help you find your Golden Path.

Resonant Love

You deserve this, you are worthy and you have much to bring forth in this world.
Your Golden Path is your Soul's Purpose.
When you embark on your Golden Path you are embodying what is called Your Primordial Face.
When we practice Somatic Self-Acupuncture, we are accessing your Primordial Face, bringing it forth. 

Connected to all of this: Manifesting Resonant Love.
When you resonate love, not only do you help heal yourself and those around you, you become magnetic and can fulfill your Purpose.
 This is ancient Taoist Alchemy, time-tested and efficacious.
You ready?


- melissa


Introduction to
Somatic Self-Acupuncture

Self-Acupuncture is ancient Taoist medicine that addresses not only your being but your place in the cosmos and your connection to One.

In your sessions, we are addressing your stagnations: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by guiding Qi to move and unblock these hidden, stuck, and stagnant areas.

We are also awakening the influential leader within you. The world needs you to lead with your heart and in order to do this, the pressure and stressors upon you need relief and release.

I am Ready

The most significant outcome of power is the ability to influence. Influence can be damaging or fleeting if power is fueled by egoic needs or personal fear. 

True power does not come from the ego or the mind. We cannot think our way to being more influential or empowered. Empowerment originates in the love you are born with, the love you are born as, and the love that emanated from you - this is true and lasting influence.

In western culture, the mind is seen as the source of power, and power is further misconstrued as intellect. Our intellect, our conscious mind, is put upon a pedestal and upheld as 'who we are. Our unconscious mind, the hidden parts of us, our Shadow, is the real source of power and is truly our superpower.

When we count on the intellect and our conscious mind, the egoic aspects of ourselves, love-based power can morph into fear-based power. The ego is very very good at this.

This is distorted power and is the source of much of our destructive actions, such as self-sabotage, impostor syndrome, and over-reactions, to name a few, comes from. 

We are working on bringing awareness to where you may have distorted power and transforming this into love-power.

When our natural, love-based power becomes distorted, we end up diminishing our power, lower our energy of love, and close ourselves off to the only authentic source of true positive, influential power. 

Quantum physics acknowledges this energetic vibration you feel when you are 'losing your power'. Energy is measured by how fast or slow it is vibrating. When you engage in distorted power or are around others who do (fear, blame, worry, etc) you feel less energy physically. You may feel emotions that make you feel weak or tired. This is due to this distortion and is related to your non-expression of what you have come to the planet to express.

When you are in authentic love power, those around you feel it, you are magnetized and you will attract community to engage in your cause, whatever it is. You will influence those around you by being in their presence. And yes, this works online, over the strange and wonderful interweb.

You Belong

This practice is a Live, Guided step-by-step Process to unearth and transform your Grief, Stagnation, Deepest Fears, and prevent further Burnout as we utilize the world's oldest and most efficacious modalities of Taoist medicine - including the Teishin - your very own heirloom magic wand. You will emerge a more conscious leader and intuitive entrepreneur (an aligned risk-taker). You awaken those aspects of yourself you may keep hidden - those are your superpowers.

You are embarking on a path towards wholeness. We easily forget ourselves when we are so busy...busy trying to market our services, caring for our family, and dealing with life's unending overwhelm. Over these next few weeks, we will journey together as we utilize the world's oldest and most efficacious modalities of Taoist medicine.

Thank you for taking the time to do this for yourself. Your gifts to the world are too great to keep to yourself. I am here to help you ignite your creativity and drive by expanding your perception and awakening your Inner Genius.

Plus you’ll be shipped your own Teishin! I’ll choose a stone based on your unique constitution and our first intake.

I am honored to practice with you and excited to help awaken the Empowered Healer that is ready to prosper.

Sensing and moving Qi is your epigenetic inheritance.

Awakening to oneness is your epigenetic inheritance.

Disowning your Story is key to authentic power.

Aligning with your soul is key to accepting what is for your highest good at each and every moment.

We live in a 3D/4D simulation that convinces us that duality and separation are real and true. 

What is real is not always true.

i'm in.

If you’ve tried it all, I hear you. Mindset work, Self-help books, Western pharmaceuticals, talk therapy, Akashic Record readings, massage, Yoga, Reiki, all the things. Truly sensing and moving Qi is the definitive way to transmute our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stagnations.
You were called to be here.

You belong. 

"Instead of transcending ourselves, we must move into ourselves."

-marion woodman

"i could definitely tell we were moving things around energetically."

- Brigitte Flick

...Nothing short of magical. everything seemed to line up in divine timing, from what was going on in my personal life at that moment to what you planned for each session. i was always blown away. during the session, it was easy for me to drop into my body and tune into what we were working on; i could definitely tell we were moving things around energetically. 

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

I thought it was ALL WOO.
But my friends had tried Acupuncture and had experienced real changes. I met with Lacey and immediately felt her heart-felt connection to not only me, but a Higher Source. The Fibromyalgia began to recede as we continued our sessions. My episodes are now rare and I can predict what and when they'll come if they do at all. Thank you Lacey.

- shelby johnson

Let's do this thing.


Are all the calls group calls? 

Yes, all of the calls are Group Calls. Group Processing and Learning is profound medicine.  When we activate the resonance inside a container, our potential magnifies exponentially. We also expand our circle of influence as we ripple out this magnified coherence.  We begin a collaborative conversation with the Divine that vibrates within us, in our bones, at the deepest level and gives our practice and intention that stick-to-it-ness that not only deeply heals at a cellular level, but awakens the dormant power within.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the live, group calls?

We'll meet 4 times, Live, within an 8-week period. This allows for integration as well as time to practice, in-between our meetings.

Guarantees? Refunds?

We are working with a curated selection of ancient and traditional, highly efficacious and wisdom-steeped practices. What I have curated and channeled is no, not refundable - you will already be awakening as we journey together. Feel into your decision - and if you get a full body yes, join us.

How long is the Program?

You will have access to the Fierce Chill portal, where all recorded calls will reside for you as long as this program exists. 

“Only by discovering and loving the goddess lost within our rejected body can we hear our own authentic voice.”

- Caroline Myss

“Each of us has a dark side, along with our own grace and light. The extent to which we can acknowledge the former while maximizing the latter may determine how we choose to fulfill the terms of our Contract. When the shadow side takes over even one person, the consequences are tragically felt by many.”

-marion woodman


Save $800 by enrolling Now!

Payment Plan


Your very own teishin - magic wand

6 payments of $198

One Payment 




1 payment of $1188

best value!

select the plan that works for you:

*If you choose to enroll with an installment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. The installment option is offered as a courtesy. This is NOT a membership that can be cancelled. This is a 4 month commitment to completing your payments.


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